Tapas cruise

€45 per person

Why 1 dish when you can get 10? Enjoy the tastiest tapas from Spanish cuisine. Sail past the most beautiful place in the world: Hartje Amsterdam. All you have to do is bring your best friends and enjoy.


Venice in its own country

This is where water and land meet… The last bit of water left of what was once nothing more than a mud pool. These canals have been through more than your great-great-great grandparents, and you can feel it.

While everyone is dodging busy traffic, time stands still in your boat. You will discover Amsterdam with a snack and drink… Because it is at its best from the water.

We sail past the most beautiful sights: buildings from the golden age, old trading houses and the ‘hidden pearls’ of Amsterdam that you would never think of on your own.

Did you know that: The Amsterdam canals are on the World Heritage List? A list of irreplaceable places on earth that are protected at all times.

We do everything we can to create a setting where: Friends become family, A crush becomes a real love and memories arise that you tell your (grand) children. All you have to do is bring your favorite people! We do the rest.

Our silent boat

Our boat is electric so you and your friends don’t have to shout over the engine. It can also be covered for shade or rain. You decide!

Your private captain

Our skipper knows Amsterdam like no other and can tell you everything about the area. He is always open for a chat, but also gives you plenty of space to do your thing.

Extra information

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Beer/Wine/Soda
  • Tapas: Take a look at the Menu!

Curious about additional options?

Contact us and we will fulfill your wish!

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